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  • 10 Everlasting Staples Of Design

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    Everyone knows staples like the little black dress and a structured jacket will never go out of style. Same goes for decor. Unlike fashion with trends changing from year to year, it takes much longer for interior design to evolve--more like a decade. So, in honor of our 200th Featured Fave, we've selected ten facets of design that will never go out the window! Which shots speak to you?
  • The Plates On The Wall

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    Over the standard framed pieces of artwork that are literally everywhere? We are, too. What's a designer to do when you need to find tasteful, unique pieces? Look no further than your kitchen cabinets. Decorative ceramic plates are popping up on walls everywhere--even in the bathroom. In fact, wet/moist areas like the bathroom are the perfect place for these plates which resist humidity.
  • A Two Story Tale: Draperies

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    Many builder homes nowadays feature two-story foyers that give owners and guests that open, airy feeling buyers seek out. The caveat? Many owners are perplexed about treating these voluminous spaces. Draperies, specifically stationary panels that reach from floor to ceiling may be costly but the high impact they produce is worth it, wouldn't you agree? See below for some inspiring two story tales!
  • A Sultry Shower

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    Today's showers feature the epitome of luxe and design. From custom shampoo niches to all over body sprayers, the homeowner can have it all. More often than not, glass doors are used to convey a sleek yet high-end minimalist look that looks stylish without pretentious. The downside? Cleaning them. Glass requires constant maintenance once water has dried--so this is certainly an issue when deciding to install one. Shower curtains are pretty and soft, but they too require some effort. Which do you prefer?
  • Art In The Kitchen

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    Sure, artwork is commonplace above a mantel, above the fireplace, and above the console table in the foyer, but in the kitchen? Why not! Displaying family photos or your own priceless work of art in a space where guests and family members spend loads of time just makes sense. More often than not, home owners and designers will feature colorful and creative designs with mosaics, tile, and images as their back splashes. Have you hung any art in your kitchen?
  • Texting With Interiors

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    While we're not speaking directly about texting or SMSing here, writing in interior design has been around since the dawn of hieroglyphics. From elaborate early history Chinese characters to modern day writing on the wall, wordage is back in a big way. Modernists and country-lovers alike flock to this aesthetic to convey emotions or just pretty characters. How have you incorporated text into your home?
  • Get The Look: Layered Rugs

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    We love the layered look that's popping up in designs everywhere today. From layering mirrors to artwork, the layered effect has made its way to the floor. By adding a sisal, jute, or sea grass area rug to space, it provides the perfect banding to "frame" the decorative rug to be placed atop. It's also the perfect way to make a rug that's too small for a room work. It's also the perfect way to add some softness and casualness to space that can seem too stuffy or formal. Do you have any layered rugs in your home?
  • Cozy Up To Concrete

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    Over that exposed brick look and seeking something a bit edgier? Look no further. Concrete provides a raw industrial finish that transcends interiors and even generations. A material invented and refined by the ancient Romans, concrete has more than proven its staying power. Today concrete can be stained and polished to your liking for a sleek and durable aesthetic. What's concrete in your house?
  • Behold The Beauty Of Brick

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    Few building materials can stand the test of time quite like brick. Clay brick is able to take abuse from daily life and proves its staying power in the most extreme of weather conditions and even fire. With almost no maintenance, brick homes allow its owners to relax and relax in style. Clay brick has a timeless, classic quality while still being contemporary and versatile. Different colors (no longer just reddish pink), sizes, and shapes give modern day brick its own personality. Which space do you fancy?